The documentary film BLACK START investigates and follows the trail of information surrounding threats that the US National Electrical Grid faces right now.


It is the first documentary to hit the issues head on, examining the science, and the politics and administrative workings that stand in the way of our protection. Recently un-classified and shocking information shows that the entire power grid is extremely vulnerable to attack and to several other dangers, some of which are (100%) certain to occur, but which we are not protected against.


It includes important interviews with the leading national experts in this field, including the former head of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Jon Wellinghoff; Former Head of the CIA, James Woolsey; Ambassador Henry Cooper; Head of the Homeland Security Taskforce, Peter Pry; and Senior Space Weather Analyst, John Kappenman – amongst others.


Black Start highlights the extreme vulnerability and exposure of the grid and calls for the issue to be made the number one priority on our national agenda.



As we show, our grid system is vulnerable to 5 basic forms of attack - from it being taken down by a few guys with AK47's through to EMPs and Solar Flares - and protections have not been put into place, mainly due to a cover-up at the level of those who oversee and administer the grid’s workings.


This is an important moment in history where what we do and how we face these threats will determine whether we as a society will, literally, continue to exist. It is estimated that in the event of a protracted grid-down situation, 9 out of 10 of us will not survive. The film documents the leading expert opinions and the critical steps needed to move forward as a nation.


Black Start is the outcome of extensive research by its director, Patrea Patrick, who has taken it upon herself to investigate the story and follow the trail, from Washington - to individual states which are battling to implement needed protections – to national conferences and hearings – and papers and interviews of leaders in this field. It apprises us of what we face and what must be done urgently.



About the Film...

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